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What does ReallyWrite do?

ReallyWrite empowers you to write clearly.

The ReallyWrite Editor is a free editing tool for informative writing. It gives you line-by-line feedback on your text based on established writing principles. Just paste your text into the app to start improving it!

But ReallyWrite is more than just an editor, it's also a teacher. Use the editor to help you see the issues in your text, then read about why they are problematic and how to fix them in the learn pages.

ReallyWrite acts as a fresh, critical reader and helps you identify issues that are hard to see when you have been working on a text for a long time. It cannot tell you what to write, but it can automatically recognize the problem areas and show you how to fix them.

Who is behind ReallyWrite?

Two people: an academic writing teacher and a software engineer

Taylor: I have been teaching academic writing (to mostly non-native English speakers) for more than a decade. I love it. I love seeing how a person's entire perspective can change once they realize how sentences work and how you can use them to your advantage. I speak multiple languages and have lived in the US and Europe. The experience of living and working in a foreign language gives me both compassion and insight: compassion for everyone who is daring to write clearly in a language that is not their own and insight into the particular difficulties that non-native speakers struggle with.

Mathijs: I am a software engineer and entrepreneur and I like to solve hard problems. When Taylor came to me with the problem of creating a user-friendly automatic writing editor without the help of AI, I was intrigued. Each week we use your feedback to improve the editor, so please send us a message and let us know how it is working for you!

Who is ReallyWrite for?

ReallyWrite is for anyone who is writing an informative text: business professionals, academics, scientists, lawyers, or government employees. ReallyWrite may not be helpful for creative writers, like poets or novelists.

ReallyWrite is for everyone from university students to PhD candidates to tenured professors: we support everyone who aspires to advance their field by writing about their research clearly.

We especially hope to give young researchers the confidence and courage to dare to write clearly and a tool to help them as they learn.

Can we get in touch with you?

Yes! Check out the contact page.