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Need help?

If you really want to learn to write well, you need to do more than read a few explanations on a website. You need to discuss your writing with others who can give you a fresh perspective. We hope that you can continue to learn by surrounding yourself with colleagues and friends who support and challenge you. We hope that using ReallyWrite with your colleagues will help you write better together.


Our goal is always to make you as independent as possible as quickly as possible. We hope that you will take this information and share it with all your colleagues!

If you want personalized, expert help, we can offer two options:

Get personalized advice

If you need to talk through a part of your paper with an experienced teacher who can help you see through your curse of knowledge, you can email us: [email protected].

We will not edit your text for you. We will show you how to look at your text differently by talking you through what we see. We will help you identify and label the problem areas and show you how to solve them using the principles explained on ReallyWrite.

Join a course

If you would like to follow a more extensive academic writing course to learn these principles (and others) more thoroughly, email us: [email protected]

The course is self-paced but can best be completed in 6-8 weeks.
Course without feedback: €200
Course with feedback and 1-on-1 meeting: €450

If you would like to follow a course together with a group of colleagues, we can tailor the course offering to your group. Just let us know!

What people are saying about the course:

I now feel more comfortable and able to accurately express my ideas and have even started to correct my colleagues' work.

Now, I am even arguing (with my co-authors) about the English words, grammar, past or present, British versus American, concise writing and the flow of the text. That is what you want, isn’t it? To be a sparring partner in the English language.

Today I received the comments by two reviewers on the paper I wrote during this class: "This paper is well written." "This is an interesting and well-written paper." So thank you, your advice paid off! :)

It has changed my writing significantly and therefore incredibly improved my scientific output quality. I think this course should be strongly encouraged for all PhD candidates.

When writing my manuscript, I thought that one could understand it with ease. After this course I know that it wasn't, and I know why it wasn't.

I learned a lot of things that may not sound difficult, but to apply them yourself actually is. The feedback was great!